Boxer Action
Boxers are very physical creatures!  Their strong bodies, coupled with unequaled energy, make them a delight to watch - and to photograph.  Here are some pages featuring Esa and Olly as they play and invent new ways to make me smile.  Simply click on the page title to see some scenes that appear on my web site and some that appeared on Dale Ulmer's web site.  Enjoy!
The Trap - Esa finds yet another way to get the best of Olly.
Olly's Birthday - Olly wants birthday presents but gets a lesson instead.
Jump Lesson - Olly gives other Boxers a brief lesson on mastering an agility jump.
March 3rd - Esa and Olly sing Happy Birthday to a dear friend, Diane Ulmer.
Daylight Savings Time - Esa explains the time change but Olly doesn't like the rest of the story.
Monster Gots Her - Olly introduces Esa to a new game.
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Special Bath - Esa and Olly get a bath and help rescue Boxers at the same time.
Olly & Stretch - Our super heroes are on a mission.
Head Dog Challenge - Olly finds out he's not as tough as he thinks he is.
Broncos Fans - Esa and Olly love the Denver Broncos but think being a fan can be pretty annoying.
New Talent - Olly has a new talent . . . but Esa isn't impressed.
What's In A Name? - Esa doesn't understand why Olly doesn't like his name.