Monster Gots Her
Hey, Esa ... let's play!  I got my squeaky lamb chop!
Olly, you've been bugging me for an hour straight.  I do NOT want to play with your stinkin' lamb chop!
Sometimes a girl just has to hide behind the bushes ... it's the only place I can have some peace and quiet.
Aha!  Peace and quiet, huh?  It's time to play my favorite game:  Monster Gots Her!  And ...
I'm the monster!  You can run but you can't hide!
That does it, Olly!  Attacking a girl during a private moment is not nice!  I'm gonna pick you up and . . .
YOU'RE gonna pick ME up?  This I gotta see!
Don't look now, Olly, but both your feet are off the ground!
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