Daylight Savings Time
Esa, I just don't get this daylight savings stuff!  What are we saving?
I keep tryin' to tell you, Olly, so pay attention!  Daylight savings time moves an hour of sun from the morning to the end of the day.  That way, people can get more things done.
Okay, I got it now, Esa!  We have more time to play and have fun!
Sorry, Olly.  Arizona didn't change to daylight savings time.  We stayed right where we are.  Do you want another hour of 112° temperatures?
It's just not fair, Esa!  I want another hour to jump on you and play!  Those legislator guys were pretty stupid when they decided to keep us in the dark.
No, Olly.  Those legislator guys had you in mind - and they knew exactly what they were doing!
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