Imperial War Museum
The Imperial War Museum in London is an extraordinary place to visit.  It has four levels filled with information and artifacts.  There are static displays and special exhibits.  This museum shows what we, as members of the human race, have developed and then used against ourselves.  During our visit, the lights suddenly went out because of a power grid failure in the area.  We didn't get to see the entire museum so it's on our list of places to visit again.  If you'd like more information on the Imperial War Museum - and the special exhibits - click here.
The museum is an example of tremendous contrast.  The beautiful old building and colorful landscaping seem to be in direct conflict with the huge deadly guns.
The American Jeep is spotlighted as one of the most used vehicles in World War II.  This one was used by the British Red Cross.
Callan reads information about just one of the armored vehicles used in war.  This is a tank destroyer used all over Europe in World War II.  The museum is filled with artifacts such as this.
One of the superb exhibits at the Imperial War Museum focuses on World War I.  These are examples of signs that were found in the hundreds of miles of trenches left all over France and Germany.
This one trench sign from World War I pretty much says it all:  "DO NOT STAND ABOUT HERE.  EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT HIT SOMEONE ELSE WILL BE."
The World War I exhibit includes a walk through a re-creation of the trenches.  The re-creation is very realistic; it is long and winding and dark and it's hard to imagine how men lived through the real thing.  This is just one scene from the trench exhibit.
Andy and Callan pose outside the Imperial War Museum by this chunk of graffiti-decorated concrete.  It is a piece of the Berlin Wall torn down in 1989 as communism fell throughout Europe.
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