Scenes of London
London is a vibrant city featuring an exciting mix of old and new.  The history is incredible and you could spend weeks in London and not see it all.  We were there for only two and a half days but we did as much as we could in that time.  These photos are just a sampling of the "scenes of London" ... a potpourri of what we saw as we walked about.  There is no way all the photos could be put on this page, but these might give you just a small taste of London. 
Buckingham Palace!  No, the Queen didn't invite us in for tea and we arrived too late to get an up close and personal view of the Changing of the Guard.  The ceremony is fun to watch, though, so put it on your agenda when you visit London - and get there early!
The day we visited Buckingham Palace, the Irish Guard Band had the honor of performing before and after the Changing of the Guard.  What tunes did we hear?  American show tunes such as "76 Trombones" and the "Theme From Star Wars!" 
These wonderful old phone booths can be seen in the heart of the city but not in the outskirts.  Callan wanted to make a call, but only had quarters!
This is one of the open air markets in the heart of the city.  While excavating to refurbish this market, the builders found the ruins of an ancient Roman market!  Amazing ... this area has been a gathering place for selling and buying for a thousand years.
This bronze monument honoring the women of World War II was unveiled in 2005.  It depicts the uniforms of women in the forces alongside the working clothes of those who worked in the factories, the hospitals, the emergency services and the farms.  In the U.S. there is no national monument specifically honoring the women of World War II, but there is the Women in Military Service for America Memorial located at Arlington National Cemetery.  It was dedicated in 1997 and is truly inspirational, just like this monument in London.  For more information, click here.
Callan thought about applying for a guard position at 10 Downing Street but we don't think he was taken seriously!  And from the look on that guard's face, perhaps we should move along!  Or ... maybe he's a Denver Broncos fan and wants Callan's sweatshirt!
This is Guildhall, the home of the City of London.  The construction on this Guildhall was begun in 1411 and, by fate or miracle, it survived the Great Fire of London and the Blitz.  It is the only secular stone structure dating from before 1666 still standing in the City.  What's even more amazing is that while excavating part of the courtyard, construction workers found remnants of a long lost Roman ampitheatre!  This building has seen it all and, as Andy put it, "A lot of important bums have sat in this place."  For better photos and a complete history, click here.
Yes, a mix of old and new.  In the foreground is a medieval church that managed to escape damage from the Blitz during World War II.  Standing right behind it:  a modern office building that Londoners nicknamed "The Gherkin."  The church still holds services and The Gherkin is the working home of hundreds of people.
Yes, indeed ... it's an anti-war protest in the park next to the Houses of Parliament and the police are out in force!  Callan and Andy are in serious contemplation as they watch the proceedings.  By the time we got there, about twelve protesters remained, but so did a couple hundred officers.  We saw one arrest and decided we were close enough.
Andy and Callan stand on the famous London Bridge.  But this isn't the first London Bridge over the Thames River!  There have been several bridges but the one most famous was completed in 1832.  If you want to see that bridge, though, you'll have to visit Arizona!  For a complete history of the London Bridge - and how it got to Arizona, click here.
No visit to London is complete without stopping at a pub - or two!  You buy ale by the pint or half pint and the names of the pubs are very interesting!  We ate in one name the Slug and Lettuce!  The gentleman in the photo with us is Spencer, Andy's brother-in-law.  Spencer is a licensed guide of Old London and gave us a wonderful walking tour.  Here's to you ... we hope you will be able to visit this wonderful city.  We know you'll love it as much as we did.
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