Andy, Plato & Timmy
Andy Waterhouse, along with Plato and Timmy, met us at Heathrow Airport in London.  Andy was the perfect host and his Boxers did their part, too ... they provided us with lots of hugs and kisses!
Plato gives GREAT kisses!
Plato and Timmy wait patiently (?) for Callan to throw the ball.  Let the game begin!
It appears this game is going to take awhile!  Plato is the Head Dog at 4 years old.  He doesn't want the little squirt to win.  Timmy, at 19 months of age, has decided he'll just lay down and wait for the old guy to give up.
This could go on for hours!  Timmy and Plato LOVE to play in their garden.
The only thing Plato and Timmy love more than playing in their garden is taking an early morning walk to the park.  Their neighbor, Olive, joins them most every day.
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